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Contact29 Broker Package

The Contact29 broker solution is an all inclusive system that brokers can promote to their realtors as a value-add service. The broker solution runs on the same application that you may have subscribed to or tried online but with a customized look.
We work with the broker to build a custom website and access point to the system, custom application and secure database, custom presentations, order forms, etc. Contact29 then maintains all service and support. All of the above items are branded with the brokerages company logo and information and all references to Contact29 are removed.
We provide brokers with a product that they can promote as their own - an application branded specifically for their office. They are providing value to their realtors by giving them access to a tool that the broker has had custom built for them.
Brokers can then decide if they want to have the realtors sign-up on their own and pay individually. Or, we can bill the brokerage for each user and then the broker bills the realtors individually.
There is no additional cost for the broker solution. The rate of $14.99 / month per user remains with all the customization included. There are also volume discounts available.

Drip Email, Contact29 and Your Business

Real Estate Drip Mail

Drip Email

The process of automatically sending targeted emails to your clients on a pre-scheduled basis. There is an important distinction between newsletter email and drip email. Sending a newsletter involves delivering the same email to a whole group of clients at the same time. However, a true drip email system is setup to deliver a set of messages, over an extended period of time, based on when a contact is put onto a campaign. Each client in a campaign group gets the same emails but at different times. The drip process should be an automated process that needs no user interaction, with all of the emails typically pre-written months in advance.

Contact29 drip email


The Contact29 software provides real estate agents a quick, easy way to add new and past clients to a pre-written campaign (i.e. seller, buyer, past clients, FSBO). Your clients will then receive content appropriate emails each month without your involvement. You can personalize your emails with logos, photos, links to your website and email headers. Furthermore, your website can have a form added to it allowing users to sign-up to a campaign automatically (without contacting you).

Real estate agent business

Your business

Your business relies on your ability to stay in contact with your current and past clients. At a time when many of your leads come from the internet and our "time" is becoming hard to come by, it is increasingly difficult to maintain levels of contact with so many clients. Multiply that with the fact that many prospective clients may not be ready to buy or sell for months and maintained contact is one of the toughest aspects of being a realtor today. Many times, the realtor that finally gets the client, is the realtor that managed to maintain that contact. Implementing a drip email system in your real estate business reduces the amount of time needed for you to stay top of mind with your clients and prospects.